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Wash Wesh laundry service

Wash Wesh laundry service is located at Škurinje, Rijeka. Services we provide include washing, drying and ironing of bedding, clothing and restaurant laundry. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we take every client's wishes into consideration, and with respect. Each client's laundry is always washed separately.


We wash your laundry using the world-class LG equipment of the highest quality.


We offer drying services for your bedding, clothing and restaurant laundry.


We offer ironing and folding of all your laundry.


For orders above 150 kn, we pick-up and deliver your laundry for free.

Cleaning and maintenance services

We also provide cleaning and maintenance services, namely cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor spaces, at an affordable price. Considering the fact that every space has its own characteristics (general condition and purpose, square footage, types of surfaces, the amount of glass surfaces, etc.), the price is determined after a visual inspection of the premises.

Apart from a standard cleaning, we also offer seasonal/yearly cleaning of:

  • villas, holiday homes, apartments and rentals before/after the tourist season or adaptation works;
  • business premises, offices, medical practices, and building's stairwells;
  • yachts, sailboats, tourist boats, etc.

We pride ourselves with offering high-quality performance, professional approach, flexibility and reliability. For any cleaning services you might need, give as a ring at +385 95 906 7549, our Dijana is waiting for your call :)


Price list of our services

Bedding and bathroom textiles
Restaurant laundry
Apartment/holiday home bedding

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call as at +385 99 518 22 84 or send us a message directly from our webpage.

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Reach out to us with confidence because if your order exceeds 150,00 kn, we will pick-up and deliver your laundry for free.